Eric Pauley

Eric Pauley

PhD Student & NSF Graduate Research Fellow

University of Wisconsin–Madison


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I am a Ph.D. student and NSF Graduate Research Fellow at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. I am advised by Prof. Patrick McDaniel.

My current research focuses on practical security for the public cloud. I am exploring how cloud providers can improve privacy and availability for cloud tenants and their customers. I have also done work on software security (e.g., fuzzing) and machine learning security.



(2023). The Space of Adversarial Strategies. USENIX Security 2023 (to appear).


(2022). Performant Binary Fuzzing without Source Code using Static Instrumentation. IEEE CNS ‘22 (to appear).

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(2022). Privacy-Preserving Protocols for Smart Cameras and Other IoT Devices.

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(2022). Measuring and Mitigating the Risk of IP Reuse on Public Clouds. IEEE S&P ‘22.

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